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About Montana Brand

The West was built by people with strength and great pride in their workmanship.  It was a necessity that early settlers of Montana have a strong will, a resilient character and great determination to tame the rugged landscape while adapting to its dramatic climate.  That spirit – made in USA pride & craftsmanship is alive today, both in how Montana Brand tools are manufactured and how they perform.  

Montana Brand power tool accessories are manufactured utilizing proprietary state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment and the highest quality, globally sourced materials available. Montana Brand tools are guaranteed for life to be free of defects in material and workmanship because we build these tools with pride and determination.

Montana Brand Tools are manufactured by Rocky Mountain Twist, located in Ronan, Montana.  Montana Brand’s heritage comes from a long line of innovative power tool accessories. 

About Rocky Mountain Twist 

Advancements through technology and process improvements have positioned Rocky Mountain Twist as the quality and performance leader of industrial drill bit manufacturing.

Until recently the process of grinding a drill bit from a solid high-speed steel blank has changed very little over the years. A drill bit produced using traditional manufacturing methods is ground in multiple remote operations within a batch. After each shaping operation the drill bits must be moved “manually” to the next machine or operation. This process is repeated until bits are completely ground. Herein lies the problem, each time a drill bit moves from one operation to the next, the bit is reoriented within a fixture. This constant reorientation can create variances of critical dimensions from one bit to the next. These variations in geometry translate to reduced performance and inconsistencies in hole size.

At RMT, each of their proprietary CNC drill grinding cells transform solid high-speed steel blanks into finished drill bits without leaving the cell or reorientation. Using revolutionary rotary methodology, a drill blank is oriented once, then moves through each manufacturing phase in a precise computer controlled operation. This process innovation ensures the highest degree of repeatable, consistent manufacturing in the industry.

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